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I'd seen recipes and pictures for something like this floating around the Internet for some time now.

I'm always intrigued by these substitute recipes - especially when they're healthier or sub in a vegetable.  I especially like these kinds of recipes during Lent; when, for the past two years I've given up meat and bread.

The Wife has had a long few days with being sick and The Little One (she is 2 1/2 after all), so I volunteered to handle dinner tonight.  And to score some brownie points, I even voluntarily offered a salad for dinner.

Okay - the "salad as dinner" thing is partly because The Wife and I are going on a cruise in a little over a month.  That means it is diet time healthy recipe time around these parts...So when I see recipes come across my inbox that seem like they'll won't leave me starving and satisfy The Wife's desire for healthy, I file them away.

Such was the case today when a Food and Wine email graced my inbox with a link to a salad dressing slide show where I found this recipe.
As I've said before, I'm always looking for some new side dish recipes.  But here's the deal - I don't want my side dish to take longer to cook than the entree.  There are a few exceptions (rice), but they need to be hands off if they take a long time.

This is a great recipe from Bon Appétit - super easy and fast, yet it tastes, looks and smells fancy! Definitely a winner in my book.
The Husband is the Chili King in our house.  He makes an amazing spicy venison chili that I probably request on a weekly basis when it's cold outside.  Honestly, it gets to the point where I know he's thinking "Again? Please God no!".  But right now is the Husband's really busy time with work and that means I'm doing almost all of the cooking.  That's fine by me except I haven't been getting my chili fix.
The Husband has been begging for me to make desserts more often.  Before the Little One came along, I used to make some kind of "treat" - be it bars, cookies, etc. every Sunday.  I'd keep some here at our home and then send the rest of them in with him for his office to enjoy on Mondays.  Well, as any new parent can attest to, life changes just a little bit with a baby. :)

Anyways, I am making an effort to make dessert more than just when we have company.  I had some blueberries on hand that I wanted to use up and so I did a little Pinterest search.  I came across this recipe from Hot Polka Dot which I adapted slightly.
There are some recipes that just scream out "Make this for the Husband!".  This was one of them.  When I came across this in Every Day with Rachel Ray, I tore it out immediately knowing this would be an instant winner with the Husband.  He loves all things soup/stew and throw in some greens? Well, you've got one happy man.
French bread from scratch, in an hour? No, way. Right? Wrong.

The Husband asked me to make some bread awhile back to go with a soup he was fixing for dinner that evening. Uh, no. That was my initial reaction. It was already late afternoon and I definitely didn't have a few hours (nor desire!) to devote to some bread. His response? To send me a few recipes for "quick breads".  I was skeptical but decided to give this recipe from Thirty Handmade Days a try.
Food delivery is always hit or miss in my book. Even one of our favorite restaurants doesn't always deliver when it comes to delivery.  Take-out is usually better, but by the time I get it home, then I need to reheat it. Have I mentioned I hate microwaving as a form of reheating? It ruins textures, not to mention you get hot spots.  And who wants to order take-out to have to pull out a pan to reheat that way? Not me, that's for sure.

I had bought a thing of cashews recently to make this Layered Thai Chicken Dip and had a good amount leftover.  So when trying to decide dinner the other night, I instantly thought Cashew Chicken. Now only to find a good recipe, one that preferably didn't include ketchup as an ingredient and one that didn't include frying. I ended up slightly adapting one that I found over at Brown Eyed Baker.
The second half of 2013 was pretty crazy for us - we spent almost all of July and the first part of August in Chicago. My sister got married in St. Martin, my brother got married out of town as well (think all of those bridal festivities that go along with two weddings!).  Add in out of town football games and out of town guests, and you've got a jam packed six months.  In those six months, we ate at some great restaurants and tested out some amazing recipes.

The downside to traveling so much and such a full schedule was our neglect of putting together posts and this blog.  One of our resolutions for the new year is to give this blog (a true joint love of ours) the attention it deserves.  We love sharing our food finds, recipes and restaurant reviews with everyone.

Fast forward to the here and now.  These decadent little dessert bars are one of my new favorites.