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Mr. Busby's Beach Bar

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So Hubby & I had read about Mr. Busby's Beach Bar, which was reported to be just down the beach from the Westin. Mr. Busby's is famous for their 75 cent Carib beers all day long, as well as having pretty good food. Everything we had read (TripAdvisor and other forums) said you had to climb over a few rocks to get from the Westin to Mr. Busby's. Well, a few rocks is an understatement (see pictures below). We decided to grab breakfast their on Sunday morning and check it out. I must admit, I had several freak outs on the rocks (due to having to jump from rock to rock, while the waves were crashing all around me and Hubby focusing more on taking pictures, lol). We are glad we went. It was a perfect, casual spot - with a great view. We both had made to order omelettes, which were fresh and chock full of veggies. This is a must if you are staying in the area.

Hubby took this as we were climbing over the rocks
This was the easy part...
Finally, we reached Mr. Busby's
View from Mr. Busby's

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