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39 Rue de Jean

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Friday night in Charleston hubby, my parents and friends of ours went to 39 Rue de Jean for a late dinner.

The atmosphere at 39 Rue de Jean is very lively and fun - the restaurant and its bar were bustling the entire time we were there (and we had 9:15 pm reservations).

We were seated almost right away in a small section by the bar where another large group was seated. The seating was tight, we had small round tables pushed together (3 - one small table per 2 people). This was very crowded with just wine glasses and water so we requested they bring a second table, which they took care of right away.

We started with two of the large bowls of mussels, the foie gras, escargot and a cheese plate. The mussels, which we got the curry & the pistou (they have 6 kinds!!) were amazing - some of the best I've ever had! The portion size was also pretty large. The escargot was phenomenal to say the least, very garlicky and buttery. The foie gras & the cheese plate were also excellent.

As for our entrees, I had the Lamb Shank, which was incredible. So tender and flavor filled and the figs were a perfect accompaniment. Hubby had the Braised Short Ribs, which were also heavenly. Fork tender and rich, they were outstanding. Others in our party had the Duck Confit, Scallops and the Pork Chop. The duck was somewhat dry, but still pretty good. The scallops were cooked perfectly. The pork chop was juicy and tender as well. All of the portions were on the larger side.

The wine list here is great, with many choices for any palate or budget. The menu is not super extensive, but covers all the French classics, plus additional options.

Our service was okay. Not overly attentive, but not rude either.

So interesting story while we were there - a couple in the bar close to us apparently got in pretty bad fight. She threw a glass at him (not just the liquid, but the glass as well). He proceeds to throw a glass back at her, which smashed on us! It all happened in such a blur that we were not even sure if it was ice or glass. Turns out it was both. The guy came over apologizing and basically blaming it on the girl. The restaurant handled it pretty well, taking our glasses away and bringing us new ones and new wine. Craziness!

I would definitely return here (if just to try the other type of Mussels!)!

Lamb Shank

Short Ribs

Duck Confit


Pork Chop

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