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Coast Bar & Grill

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The first night of our Charleston trip we ate at Coast Bar & Grill. We had made reservations several weeks before, BUT we were told they could not find our reservations. We were told we'd need to wait, but being on a getaway, we were not in a hurry so this was not a problem at all. Instead we went to the bar and settled in. As we were sitting there we were checking out the dining room, which seemed a lot more subdued than the bar area. Beside the bar area were long high top tables that sat right in front of the open kitchen. We asked to be seated there instead, which ended up being perfect for us.

The drink menu had many fun concoctions. My friend and I ordered "Seersuckers" all night, which consisted of Firefly, pineapple juice and lemon-lime soda - so good!!

For appetizers we had the oysters and the ceviche trio. The oysters were golden brown and crunchy with a cornmeal crust and served on a bed of papaya coulis, topped with caviar and a side of a fruity salsa. They were delicious! The ceviche trio was also excellent and the presentation was very fun. The three ceviches on the platter were lobster, shrimp and tilapia. They were all very crisp, bright and fresh. A great light appetizer.

As for entrees, I had the Escolar, which was the fish of the day. I had never had Escolar but ordered it at the suggestion of our waitress and I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very "not-fishy", thick and tender and reminded me of rockfish. Hubby had the braised grouper, which was served with mushroom and tomatoes on truffled grits. This was pretty good, but did not wow.

Coast definitely is a fun place, but the food is not spectacular. Next Charleston trip though, I'd doubt we'd go there with so many other restaurants that we did not get a chance to check out.

Open Kitchen


Wood Burning Oven
The Seersucker
Ceviche Trio
Cornmeal Encrusted Oysters

Braised Grouper

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