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Fleet Landing

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Friday for lunch we went to Fleet Landing. Fleet Landing is situated on the water and has a great back deck that offers fantastic views (we saw porpoises putting on a show like one you'd see at Sea World!).

This is a real casual place, perfect for lunch or drinks. The deck has picnic tables with umbrellas on the rail as well as smaller tables up against the restaurant. The deck gets a nice wind which is great with the sun beating down. They also have a fairly large bar inside, with one side opening up to the outdoors.

This place was packed when we got there for lunch reservations at 2pm. We were told that if we waited a few minutes longer we could have outdoor seating, which we were more than happy to do.

We started with the Fried Green Tomato Stack, which we had been told was really good. I was a little disappointed in the portion size. The tomatoes are paired with a "crab salad", which tasted like crab and little more than mayonnaise. It was decent.

From there 3 of us had the she-crab soup. This was very good - extremely rich and creamy. One in our party had the seafood gumbo, which was also well done. The soup and gumbo were good portion sizes.

The entrees were somewhat disappointing. The special for Friday was Mahi tacos - I had seen the menu online and had my heart set on these. In fact, 3 out of 4 of us ordered these, only for our waitress to come back 5 minutes later and tell us they were out of it. Instead, myself & our friend ordered the spotted bass, which was the fish of the day. Personally, I felt that the fish was extremely fishy and had no real taste to it (was supposed to be served with a lime butter). I had them bring out a salsa for me and that made the fish slightly more palatable. For what it's worth, the portion of fish was large. My hubby had the fried oysters which were decent, and his friend had the steamed shrimp which were good however he had expected to receive more shrimp.

The cocktail list is pretty large here and offers quite a few fun drinks. We tried the Peach martini, which was very good but awfully sweet. They also have a good selection of domestic, local and imported beers.

Overall, the food here is okay, but you really come here for the views.

View from the back deck

Another view from the back deck

She-Crab Soup

Seafood Gumbo

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