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After leaving Vendue Inn Rooftop Bar, we all decided to make one more stop before catching a taxi to dinner. We decided to stop at Social, a wine bar, that the owner of a cute little shop by our hotel recommended to try.

So glad we did! Like many other places, Social was packed. We were lucky to get a four person high top table in the bar area, so us ladies could rest our feet, while the guys stood.

Being a wine bar, Social had an extensive wine list, even its "by the glass" offerings were far ranging in both varietals and price points. While enjoying our wine, we also tried the red pepper hummus - this was DELICIOUS. So delicious in fact, that we ordered another once we finished the first plate.

The service was wonderful. Our waitress was on the ball. We requested the hummus be served with something other than bread and not only did she bring it with one option, she got us quite a few vegetables to choose from. When we were contemplating getting a second order but were not sure if we had time, she said she would get it to us in five minutes. Sure enough, she made it happen.

Overall, it was a great experience. I would definitely like to return!

Entrance to Social
The bar

The Wine Cellar

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