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Madeariman Bar & Restaurant

By 3:14 PM ,

While in Anguilla, on Shoal Bay Beach, we went to Madeariman for lunch. Madeariman is beach front and the food is amazing! So fresh with large, very generous portions. It's a casual place at lunch due to the fact that many people, like us, come in straight from the beach.

The tuna tartare was fabulous - very bright and light. We also had the lobster pizza. I am pretty sure there was well over a pound of lobster on our pizza. It was out of this world - the pizza really complimented the lobster, which was the true star. The mahi mahi skewers we ordered were delicious. The presentation was fun and impressive. It was served with rice and a great eggplant ragout type side.

Our service was pretty good although our waitress was real sassy and clearly was more attentive to the guys. Oh well. With views and food like Madeariman has, I can take a little sass :).

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