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Passion Restaurant

By 8:02 PM

On business in Chesapeake with hubby's company Wednesday night we took some of their clients to Passion Restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately, because we were with clients I was not able to whip my camera out and photograph all of our beautiful food. :(

Hubby started with Passion's She Crab Soup. We'd heard from friends that this was amazing - and it definitely lived up to the hype. So thick and creamy - truly decadent. I ordered the bacon wrapped shrimp and grits. Yum. Perfectly cooked, creamy grits with large shrimp wrapped in crispy thick bacon.

For entrees, hubby had the blue cheese crusted filet. Oh goodness, let me tell you it was amazing. Thick cut and a spot on medium rare. The amount of blue cheese was just right - enough to make a statement, but not so much that it overwhelmed. I had the rack of lamb which was also incredible. It was served in a rich black cherry sauce and just like the filet, was cooked perfectly. Presentation on both were lovely. We also had the truffle macaroni and cheese which was downright sinful.

Then there were the deep fried twinkies. No, these were not on the menu. Our group happened to be talking about deep fried/state fair type foods. That led to how great it would be to have something deep fried. So someone actually made the comment to our waiter and low and behold the chef appeared at our table and told us he would deep fry something up for us. They went above and beyond. They actually sent someone to the store, who purchased twinkies, which they deep fried to perfection. Oh my goodness. Out of this world - even presented beautifully. How many restaurants will do this for its patrons?? Especially for a group that had never been there before!!!

So needless to say, the service was impeccable. The atmosphere was fun. There was live music that night which created a lively enviornment. Passion has a small wine list, but it has some good options in different price ranges.

We would definitely return here!

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