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An atypical Richmond Restaurant Review

By 1:20 PM

This probably isn't the typical restaurant review you see on foodie sites, but come on - we all know it's one of our vices. I had a lunch meeting there today (you'd be surprised how many suits and ties you see out there, folks who make the trek from downtown).

At 12:00 the line was almost out the door, but they're quick in there. Bojangles definitely lives up to the saying "do one thing and do it well." Chicken. Make that Fried Chicken. That's it. This isn't KFC going by initials to cut the "Fried" out of its name, or offering grilled chicken. This is Bojangles. Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken Sandwich, Fried Chicken Biscuit, Fried Chicken Tenders...that about covers it. And sides, mashed potatoes and gravy (gravy is NOT optional), green beans, dirty rice or Cajun fries. No substituting for "fresh fruit or an apple" - Pick your side! And the question is not "What would you like to drink" it's "WOULD you like a drink." If the answer is yes, the drink is sweet tea. Notice the drink station. No decisions from 13 sodas with 3 flavors of lemonades. There's one canister of "Honey Hush, Smack Yo Grandma" good sweet tea.
The condiments? Texas Pete. That's it. Not a mayonnaise packet in the whole place.

Today's lunch was a Cajun chicken biscuit, side of Cajun fries and sweet tea. Yes, with Texas Pete. And damn it was good.

It wasn't Millie's- but then again Millie's ain't Bojangle's either.

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  1. Love me some Bojangles. I get the chix biscuit with cheese and then I order the elusive CheddarBo biscuit (elusive because they don't have it at every Bojangles). Just cause it's a chain, doesn't mean it can be damn good.

  2. Someone in our party got a 12 pack of Bo Biscuits to take bake to the office too.