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It's Venison Time in Virginia

By 6:21 PM

Today was the opening day of Rifle Season in the Commonwealth (at least west of the Blue Ridge - where the I hunt.) We were on stand in Craig County by 6:30, and I had my first deer of the season by 9:30. It was a small button buck - meaning it was a male, but too young for the antlers to have formed, so they look more like thimbles, or buttons.

As with beef and veal, the smaller venison make for better eating. We took it to a local processor, and in 3-4 days will have tenderloin steaks, ground beef ground venison and breakfast sausage.

Venison recipes will no doubt become a common addition here.

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  1. Ground beef? It's a deer, fer gawdsakes. Ground venison.

    Hope you use the head for chile meat.