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A Restaurant Review for all You Greenie Foodies Out There

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As most people do, Hubby & I love pizza. Earlier this year, a new pizza place opened up in the Trader Joe's shopping center that we visit quite frequently. We had never heard of  Pizza Fusion before, but had seen some of their promotional materials, which advertised it as being fresh and organic.

The menu is small and as to be expected, pizza focused. But unlike many pizza places, Pizza Fusion does not have the plethora of additional Italian dishes available. There are a few salads and a few sandwiches on their menu. If I recall correctly, they have one appetizer available - a flatbread with a trio of dipping sauces. They have some good pizza options and a build your own option as well. At Pizza Fusion they have 3 crust choices - white, whole grain and gluten free. Gluten free is a big thing here - which, I personally appreciate because my dad is gluten intolerant but really loves pizza.

The beer and wine menu are limited, but with a good variety of options. They also have organic wines and gluten free beers. The prices are moderate with glasses ranging from $6 - $14 and bottles at about $18 to $42. We chose a great Rose that we had never heard of.

We ordered the Four Cheese & Sundried Tomato pizza on whole grain crust. I loved it. Give me goat cheese and sundried tomatoes and this girl is happy as a clam. Hubby on the other hand, was kind of "ehh" about it. He said it was fairly good, but he didn't think it had much flavor. Hubby didn't think it compared to similar type pizza that we get at Sette. But then again, Sette isn't all about being organic like Pizza Fusion is.

Service was great. Everyone was very friendly.

I don't know that we would return here. If we went back, I think we'd build our own pizza or we'd go back to take my dad so he could have their gluten-free pizza. As far as pizza goes, Pizza Fusion is on the higher end. What you're paying for is the organic, green thing they have going on.

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  1. Is it the camera angle, or is that pizza oblong? How about the crust? Snappy, soggy, spongy? I may have to venture in while at Trader Joe's sometime.

  2. It's not the camera, the pizza actually was oblong! The crust was thin and had a bit of crunch initially and then I'd say a tad chewy. Not soggy.

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