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Review: Aztek Grill

By 2:50 PM ,

Hubby & I love love love Mexican food. Well, maybe I love it a tad more than he does. But anyways, every day Hubby passes Aztek Grill (on Main Street in the Bottom) on his way to work. We've been meaning to try it since it opened - which I think was only a few months ago. We finally decided to stop in and try it today for lunch.

So glad we did. We were greeted by smiling, friendly faces from the moment we walked in the door. Aztec is kind of broken into several different rooms - the front dining room and bar and then a back room and a small upstairs with several tables. The walls are painted bright orange and there is lots of exposed bricks. Adorning the walls are photographs and paintings available for purchase. We were seated in the back room that was streaming with tons of natural light.

Their extensive menu is not the typical Mexican menu with pictures and a ton of different combo meals. Yes, there are a few burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, etc. But, there is alot more. 7 different types of guac. 5 different types of queso. 3 kinds of salsa. They have tons of grilled options - fish, pork and about 5 different kinds of kabobs. They also have quite a few salad options, besides the standard taco salad bowl. They also have sandwhiches such as the cuban. The menu is very reasonably priced, though slightly higher than the typical mexican restaurant, in part because they do not have a designated lunch  menu or lunch section. Hubby decided to go outside of the typical "fare" and get the beef kabobs. Wanting to see how their standard food measured up to the million other Mexican restaurants we've been to, I ordered the spinanch quesadilla that came with a black bean tostada, spanish rice (it was that or white rice) and my choice of pinto, black or refried beans. The option was nice to have.

Both of our meals were delicious. Hubby's kabobs were juicy and chock full of flavor. They were accompanied with a mango salsa fresca that was amazing and complimented the beef very well. The modern presentation of the kabobs was a nice surprise as well. My quesadilla was excellent, as was the tostada. We were shocked at how fresh everything tasted. Even the beans tasted like they had just been prepared - not like how most places' taste as though they've been under a warmer all morning.

The only negative thing I would say is they seemed perhaps a little short staffed. But they more than made up for it with their eagerness to please and pleasant demeanor. We will definitely return!

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