Wine Competition in the Far West End

Reagan once said "Competition breeds excellence." With affordable West End wine offerings, it sure brings variety too.

It seems that with the coming of Trader Joe's - which has brought so much more than two-buck Chuck to Greater Richmond's wine selection - other retailers have increased the diversity of their wine offerings while lowering prices as well.

No longer are casual oenophiles limited to selections of Little Penguin, Barefoot, Cooks and Korbel (not that those aren't great values) without breaking the bank for more than one bottle.

The Wife and I have been long time fans of World Market (next door to Best Buy) for various household things, and they've always had a good wine selection. Recently, they've had quite a few under $10 bargains, from every varietal, including sparking.

They've also started a closeout rack in the back of the store where markdowns can take up to 50% off the regular price. The Wife and I have returned home with $20 bottles for $6 on several occasions. Tonight, we found a sparkling Argentinian that had been $20, marked down to $6.99, a great accompaniment while putting up the Christmas Tree.

Tom Leonard's also has a decent wine supply and a local favorite right up from our house is Wine Lovers in John Rolfe Commons - wine tastings every Thursday, and a great selection of affordable wines.

If you're out in the West End, it's worth stopping in any of these. I can almost guarantee you'll pick up at least a couple of bottles.


  1. Be careful what you drink...

  2. Great article. As with any bargain that seem too good to be true, it's good to read the fine print.


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