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What do you cook on a day like today?

By 2:30 PM

There's over a foot of snow in Short Pump, and it's still coming down. Another 3 inches are expected over night. What do you cook for dinner on a night like tonight?

Here, I'm braising lamb shanks and serving over garlic mashed potatoes.

The Wife and I just returned from a adventure which involved a disappointing lunch at the Short Pump Panera, Trader Joe's all to ourselves and a last minute visit to the ABC store.

At Panera I ordered a bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup - this is supposed to come in a bread boule. The bread boule was the only reason I ordered the soup instead half soup and sandwich. When I picked up the order it was in a regular bowl. I asked the girl behind the counter and she informed me that she had thrown all of the bread boules away because she "needed more room on the counter." I saw them all in the trash can behind her. She said "sorry about that" and tossed another piece of bread on my tray. It wasn't the same.

I needed a few things for the braise and we were woefully low on wine, so we headed to Trader Joe's and stocked up. We had the whole place to ourselves. They have this white Cotes du Rhone that we love - Cellier du Rhone. For $6, you can't beat it.

From there we ventured down Pump Road and to our surprise to ABC store was still open - with a sign on the door saying they were closing at 3:00. I snagged a bottle of Reyka for martinis later and The Wife found a new mix called Skinny Girl Margarita - 37 calories per serving. She made the comment that if it didn't taste good she could always add more tequila. I pointed out that might negate the promise of "skinny girl", but it went unnoticed.

What are you cooking tonight if you're snowed in?

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  1. We had a snow party with the neighbors. Everyone brought something, I did a mac and cheese with Fontina and sharp chedder, carmelized onions, bacona and garlic...not skinny girl mac and cheese, but worth it!