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Restaurant Review: Boychik's Deli

By 5:55 AM ,

Saturday morning Hubby & I woke up unusually early and a little "under the weather".  We wanted some good, greasy brunch food (Hubby always wants breakfast, but I'm usually a lunch girl) but didn't want to drive down to the Fan or downtown like we typically do. So began the where can we go out here in the West End that's not a chain. Hubby did a little searching around online and read a few places that Boychik's in Innsbrook (been around forever) did a great breakfast. Off we went.
Boychik's was not what I expected. I guess the many times that I have driven past it, I focused on that Deli part in the name and I was picturing a large deli counter and maybe a few little tables. Wrong. There are tons of tables and booths. Nothing fancy here. Advertisements from local businesses plaster the walls. It looks more like a diner than a deli.

We got there at 9:15 and the place was packed. Packed with families, couples and solo diners of all ages - there was even what looked to be like a birthday breakfast going on with a large group of middle aged ladies. Who knew so many people were up so early.

Hubby ordered the chili omelette and it came with home fries and a bread of his choice - he chose their homemade everything bagel. Not only did chili top the omelette, the chili actually filled the omelette as well. Hubby's comment, "Genius". The bagel was fantastic. The homefries were a great vehicle to sop up the chili.

Having been craving one for weeks (I've been having weird cravings lately - and no, I'm not pregnant), I ordered the reuben - traditional corned beef style. The sandwich was a delicious sloppy mess. Piled high with corned beef (Boarshead - like all of their meats are) - it was a really large sandwich. I think Hubby ate half of it for me. :)

Our waitress was on the ball. Great about refilling our drinks and making sure we were satisfied with our food. Service was also lightning fast - a big plus when you arrive ravenous, like we did.

Portions were huge. Prices were typical for a diner - we were out of there for under $20. The menu is expansive - lots of sandwiches, omelettes, pancakes and platters.  There's also a Heart Healthy section and several low carb options. We would definitely go back.

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