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Bistro 27

By 7:52 AM

We'd been to Bistro 27 once before, but it had been a long while and neither of us really remembered much about it, other than the fact that I had had an osso bucco.  It was definitely before we really got into blogging and started reviewing the restaurants at which we dined and photographing food that we ordered.

Anyways, some friends of ours wanted to check it out, so we were looking forward to giving it a second try.

The interior of this corner restaurant/bistro is very open with the extremely high ceilings typical of the Broad Street restaurants in that area, and the floor to ceiling windows on the front and side. The windows gave us a beautiful view of the snow falling that evening. 

For appetizers our party ordered the scallops, mussels, calamari and beef carpaccio.

I originally tried to order the duck poullettes, but our waiter informed me they were out of those. I found that interesting since it was pretty early in the evening (6:30) and at that time the place was pretty empty.  Also, I don't know if I'm the only one that feels this way, but I like to be told when the night's specials are shared, if there are any menu items they are out of. I hate looking through the menu and getting my sights set on something only to be told that can't happen.

Moving on, the scallops were served over lentils. I really thought this was a strange pairing, but Hubby loves scallops and it didn't phase him. I was even kind of skeptical when the plate arrived, but it really was delicious. And I don't know how to describe it, but it just worked. The plating was kind of messy though.

The mussels were bathed in an amazing creamy herb broth.  The portion size was huge. Hubby went gaga over these.

The calamari was typical fried calamari, though they also offered a sauteed version. It was served with the typical marinara and white sauce/aioli.  Nothing special here.

Beef Carpaccio was definitely my favorite appetizer of the evening. It was light and lemony, allowing the true flavor of the beef to shine through. The carpaccio was topped with walnuts and parmesan , a combination that I love.

Hubby (as well as the rest of our party) ordered the Filet Special. This consisted of a filet in a black truffle sauce. The filets were cooked perfectly, and the truffle sauce was heaven.

Meanwhile, since I'm such a sucker for Rockfish, I ordered the Rockfish special (it was either that or the stuffed quail). Shocker. The Rockfish was topped with a crab and tomato beurre blanc type sauce.  I thought it was fantastic. The crab to fish ratio was perfect. Hubby thought it was slightly fishy, but I didn't really get that.

Our service was great. Our waiter was attentive, even as the restaurant filled up. I can't remember the last time I was brought two bottles of wine to taste in a place that wasn't specifically a wine bar/restaurant. Speaking of wine, the wine list is fairly small. And if you like really full bodied wines, well, they don't really have any.

So overall, our food here was good. Would we go back? Yes. Anytime soon? Probably not, we'll probably keep trying out different places.



Beef Carpaccio

Filet Special

 Rockfish Special 

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