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Guest Post: B&G Oysters

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*Guest Post By: The Boyfriend (no, not mine silly, my sister's)*

Tucked back in Boston’s South End of town this little seafood establishment has been known for its plentiful assortment of mouthwatering oysters, homemade chips (English for French Fries) and their famous lobster roll.

Upon entering this little corner restaurant we were both automatically taken back by its upbeat trendy décor. With its wide range of abstract art, stainless steel furniture and its lavish open kitchen I knew right then and there this wasn’t going to be your typical eatery.

We decided to take a seat up at the bar so that we could be next to the action. From there we were able to see first hand the kitchen staff prepare their daily lunch specials. Whether it was shucking oysters to frying up calamari it all looked so good.

However, I knew exactly what I wanted before I even opened up the menu. I was told that if you’re going to come all the way up to Boston you might as well go to B&G Oysters and if you going to go to B&G Oysters you better get the Lobster Roll.

Uncertain on what to get, The Girlfriend was stuck between the chopped salad with shrimp, haricots verts and buttermilk dressing or the lobster BLT. After much pleading I finally convinced her to get the lobster BLT and was that ever a smart decision.

Once our meals arrived we were shocked by the beautiful presentation. Each sandwich was accompanied by their famous butter pickles, chips and coleslaw. Not much was said during the meal; however some words that were uttered went something like this, “Mmmmm,” “You have to try this,” “Wow this is so good,” and last but not least “I’m sorry I ate all your chips.”

From the welcoming staff to the spiral stair case, our overall experience was amazing at B&G and I would highly recommend this small little seafood joint to anyone that visits Beantown. Oooo and it kind of helped to have a very pretty girl next to me…
Lobster BLT

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