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Garnett's Cafe

By 12:51 PM

This was my third trip to Garnett's Cafe in the Fan on the corner of Park and Meadow - the Wife's first trip. She had heard me rave about it, but I don't think she quite understood how a simple sandwich shop could be so good.

Street parking is usually easy to find, being in more of a residential area.

I arrived a few minutes before she did about 11:45, and selected a two top in the window where I knew she would enjoy the people watching.

Patsy Cline was warbling (in a good way) quietly in the background when our waitress came with water. It was an album - she serenaded us with Blue Moon of Kentucky as we dined. The music fit the place perfectly.

Without looking at the menu, I knew I'd be getting my new favorite sandwich in Richmond - their Roast Beef and Gorgonzola, toasted on wheat. The Gorgonzola gives the sandwich a the creamy saltiness it needs (TWSS) and the tomatoes provide a hint of sweetness.

The Wife selected their California Club - turkey with avocado and bacon. The creaminess of the avocado compliments the saltiness of the crisp bacon.

To get the most out of the experience, we traded halves. Both sandwiches were top notch. I opted for cole slaw for my side and The Wife got their black eyed pea salad (which is full of red onion, grapefruit and roasted red pepper.) All of their sides are homemade - and you can tell in the quality.

This is one of my favorite lunch spots.

It's not fancy, with only 9 or so tables it's certainly not big, everyone is friendly and service is prompt. Garnett's Cafe provides the perfect excuse to get out of downtown or the Bottom for a lunch break. As I said in an earlier tweet, It's just a sandwich - so how do they make it taste so good?

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  1. Is this place newer, I don't remember it when I lived down there? Hmmm looks great either way!

  2. It's relatively new...not quite a year old. It's where Table 9 used to be (I think that was the name). Small corner place on Park and Meadow.