Bahn Mi Tacos

Bahn Mis have been haunting me for more than a few months now.  They've been everywhere recently - or maybe I should say I've just recently discovered them.  I must say I've never had a real one.  The only bahn mi I've ever had was Emeril's version at Nola on our recent trip to New Orleans - or as it's called on the menu "A Vietnamese Po' Boy."  Needless to say it was delicious and I've been noticing them ever since.

Fast forward to today when I was attempting another shot at menu planning for the week and The Wife already had chicken defrosting.  I was thinking about tacos, but that's so same old same old.  Somewhere between googling recipes and surfing tastespotting bahn mis came to mind.  Bahn mi tacos.

I know enough about them to know the basics of bahn mis - cilantro, pate, daikon and shredded carrot. I dutifully headed off to Trader Joe's - and am happy to report that everything you need to make bahn mi tacos can be found there - with a minimal substitution.  For convenience, I subbed the daikon and carrot for their shredded broccoli and carrot slaw, the work is already done for you, and makes the most time consuming part of making these cooking the chicken.  I also added wasabi mayonnaise for an added zing.
These were beyond good.  I would put them in the category of make these tonight - they're that good.

Ingredients for the Marinade
2 Chicken Breasts - sliced into 1/2 inch medallions
4 Tablespoons of Chinese Five Spice Powder
3 Tablespoons Hoisin Sauce
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

Ingredients for the Bahn Mi Tacos
Whole wheat taco shells

Truffle pate
Wasabi mayonnaise
Shredded broccoli slaw
1 jalapeno - very thinly sliced
1 bunch of cilantro

Marinate the chicken medallions in five spice and hoisin for 30 minutes to several hours - depending on how much time you have.

While the chicken is marinating, slice the jalapenos as thin as you can.

Heat a large pan to medium high with two tablespoons of olive oil.  When the pan is hot, sear the chicken - about one minute on each side.

To assemble the bahn mi, spread the pate on each taco shell.

Add the mayonnaise.

Then the broccoli slaw.

Next, add the jalapenos and Chicken.

And finally, cilantro.

And making her first guest appearance - The Baby in the background.

These are delicious - make them tonight!