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Estes Barbecue in Jackson Ward

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There's a new barbecue place in town.  You're going to have to look for it - but it's well worth the trip.

Estes Barbecue has a six-week-old location in Jackson Ward. 317 North Second Street to be exact.  Even when your GPS tells you've found it, you still have to look for it.  There are no bright signs, only a simply painted window and a red door.

And don't go expecting to dine-in, there are only two bar stools at a ledge against the front window, if you're lucky enough to snag one, you'll be in for a treat.  Otherwise, there's barely enough room for four customers to be in line at the same time.

The simple menu is on the wall chalkboard.  

It is a simple menu.  But that's not a bad thing.

Your choices are chicken, ribs or pulled pork.  Sides include three types a slaw, two types of baked beans and a variety of sweet and savory cornbread muffins.  They also have seven different types of sauces, several made with Hardywood Park brews.  

I opted for the pulled pork sandwich with spicy citrus slaw.  The gentleman behind the counter pulled a baseball-sized hunk of pulled pork out.  It's served on a potato roll that is ever-so-slightly crisped on a flat top.

The food is much like the restaurant itself, simple and straightforward.  For me, this might be the best barbecue sandwich in Richmond.  The simplicity of the smoked, pulled pork with a clean and citrusy slaw and a slightly crisp, but soft potato roll - is magic.

You cannot beat this barbecue sandwich in Richmond.  Especially considering it's a meager $4.50 for the sandwich - and a generous serving of 'cue.

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