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Joey's Hot Dogs at Innsbrook

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I was on baby duty while The Wife was in Manhattan hosting a big shindig for her sister's bridal shower and bachelorette party.  The Baby Toddler and I had a full weekend planned - and by that I mean I had planned enough activities to wear her out so naps and bed wouldn't be an issue.  

Friday night we hit the Children's Museum at Short Pump and the candy store around the corner.  Saturday Morning we went to see the butterflies at Lewis Ginter.  Lewis Ginter was perfect because aside from butterflies, they have miles of paths to explore - many leading to kiddie friendly areas with sandboxes, sidewalk chalk and streams.

On the way home I asked the little one what she'd like for lunch.  Her response "Haa Daaaas."  Parental translation "Hot Dogs".

For the last six years The Wife and I have been saying that we needed to try Joey's Hot Dogs.  If all a shop does is hot dogs, they have to be good, right?  And Joey's used to be located around the corner from us on Ridgefield Parkway before moving to The Shoppes at Innsbrook.  Now was the time - and if it was good, I would bring The Wife back.  It was, and I will.

When you walk in, you're greeted by Joey.  You can instantly tell he loves what he does, and is wecolming and friendly.  The menu is simple.  Hot dogs.  $2.25 each - what ever you want on them.  

I opted for two - all the way (mustard, chili and onions).  The little one had one, plain.  

Joey even gave the little one a hot-dog shaped gummy candy while we were waiting.  These are straight-forward, old-fashioned hot dogs.  Nothing fancy.  No truffles, hearts of palm or avocados.  The topping selections are chili, mustard, onion, ketchup, sauerkraut and cheese.  

The dogs come in a natural casing, that has a snap when you bite into it, and the buns are steamed.  All the things a hot dog should be.  And Because this is America Merica, they serve Cheerwine and Sun Drop. Cheerwine is on tap, and both are available in glass bottles.  The way God and Robert E. Lee intended.  

Next time you want a hot dog - the kind you can eat three or four of, head to Joey's Hot Dogs at Innsbrook. You'll be glad you did.

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