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Homemade Cayenne Hot Sauce

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The ONLY things doing well in my garden this year are the peppers.  Tomatoes have become squirrel and robin food.  My cucumbers got too big for their britches - climbed and vined all over everything and had to be pulled.  But peppers- they're coming out of my ears.  Habaneros, Jalapenos, Anaheim, Sweet Peppers and Cayennes.

I've grown Cayenne before, but they were potted.  This year they're in a raised bed garden.  They're the from the same packet of seeds, but these plants are twice as tall, and the peppers are twice as long.  Last year, I dried them and made a ton of pepper flakes.  This year, I wanted to try something new.  After searching homemade hot sauce recipes, I decided on this one from Savory Reviews.  Primarily, because it didn't have to sit for weeks to ferment.  And I like instant gratification in my cooking.

I only added one jalapeno - opting to put the others towards picking.  But also added anaheims and carnival sweets - and garlic cloves for good measure.

This reminds me of a mix between Texas Pete and Tabasco.  It's got the flavor like Pete, and the lasting heat like Tabasco.  I love finding these everyday staples that you can easily make at home.  This will not disappoint.  This is thicker than store-bought hot sauce, but that's not a bad thing.

And the beauty of this recipe is it isn't an exact science.  If you have a ton of peppers, you can make a big batch.  If you have a smaller amount, that works too.  You measure the vinegar to the top of the peppers, so it's flexible.

Cayenne Hot Sauce

Whole Cayenne Peppers (I had 1/4 lb)
Assorted Other Peppers
  • Be careful what you add.  Hot peppers will add heat (jalapenos, habaneros), sweet and bell peppers will add earthiness and chipotles will add smokiness
2-3 Whole Garlic Cloves
4 Teaspoons of Salt
White Vinegar (enough to cover the peppers)

Wash and remove the stems from all of your peppers.

Add your cayenne to the blender.

Add your other peppers, garlic and salt.

Add enough white vinegar to get to the top of your peppers.

Blend on high for three minutes.

Yes, it will be frothy and orange.  That's OK.

Put the blended mixture on the stove and bring to a boil.  When it starts to boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, filter the hot sauce through a mesh strainer to remove the seeds, etc.

What you have left is Homemade Hot Sauce.

If you have a clean, left over hot sauce bottle use that.  Otherwise, God made Mason Jars as multi-taskers.


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