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Pizza Fusion: Round Two

By 10:24 AM ,

The Wife and I were out and about running errands yesterday and needed a lunch spot in the West End. We wanted light and healthy and needed to stop by Trader Joe's anyway so we ended up at Pizza Fusion.

We'd been here before and liked it - ordering one of their pizzas. This time we opted to make our own.

We started with their stuffed mushrooms. While these took a while to get, they were great. Everything here tastes fresh. The mushrooms we stuffed with some kind of ground sausage or beef and topped with goat cheese and parsley. They were the perfect appetizer - light yet satisfying, and the six was the perfect amount to split between two people.

For our pizza, we opted to make our own from their menu, this is a personal pizza size not the full. We chose the multi grain dough, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella for cheese and topped it with Roma tomatoes, roasted garlic and spinach. When it came, it tasted like the vegetables had been cut fresh when we ordered it. The garlic was sweet with only the slightest bite and the tomatoes and the tomato sauce had that sweet and tangy freshness.

The great thing about this place is you can satisfy your craving for a pizza without the caloric guilt.

A couple of observations:
1) I don't think I've ever used the word fresh so many times in one review, but go and you'll see why.

2) Our waitress could not have been nicer. The turbinado sugar they have on the table is all they offer, and it didn't dissolve so well in The Wife's tea. They don't carry splenda, but our waitress had some in her purse she brought.

3) They offer gluten free dough and have gluten free beers on their menu. This is a nice thing for us as we have family members who are gluten intolerant - so it's one more place we can take them when they're in town.

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